Differences Between Normal Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes

Differences Between Normal Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes

Are you interested in the study on the normal and e-cigarettes? If you need to study on the comparison of these two cigars, then this article will help you to understand on what puts them a side. In the past, normal cigars were used so much and they were made out of very simple technology. Tobacco is first dried and then folded in one of the paper that is purposely meant for that purpose. For it to be able to produce the desired smoke, it then ought to be burnt on the lower end so that it can start the burning of tobacco. Once the burning is initiated, it burns up the dry tobacco so that the smoke is produced. The smoke of burning tobacco has got some levels of nicotine. This is what is inhaled in the long run. On the other hand, dealing with e-cigarettes is a new experience. Its ignition is initiated by the battery that is fitted within the device. It doesn’t use the dry tobacco. What is fitted in the device is the liquid tobacco. It is then boiled at the highest temperatures so that it is vaporized. The following are the other essential parts of the e-cigarettes that are supposed to be taken into consideration;

  • heating mechanism
  • sensor
  • cartridges

Heating mechanism

This is the mechanism that makes sure that tobacco is transformed to the best level at which it can easily be absorbed into the body. This takes place through inhaling. What this means therefore is that it will have to be transformed or changed into the gaseous state for it to be perfectly inhaled. In the two types of cigars, you can expect the two distinct features to be clear. For instance, in the normal cigar, you will have to light up the cigar for it to be able to produce the smoke that is supposed to be inhaled. On the other hand, the electronic cigar is first lit electronically through the use of the battery that is fitted in the device. The battery should therefore be charged regularly to enable the device to serve for a long time without any interruption whatsoever.


The sensor is fitted on the mouthpiece. It is supposed to detect the moment you want to vape your electronic cigar. It then triggers the boiling process as to make sure that the e-liquid is boiled to the vapor state. The vapor is then supposed to be inhaled since nicotine is available in the vapor. It is important to note that e-liquids are just the extracts of tobacco.


These are the reservoirs that are supposed to store the e-liquids. The moment the e-liquids is exhausted it needs to be replaced regularly so as it can continue to be burnt or vaporized for it to produce the desired vapor. You can as well change the cartridge and get the new one that is filled with the e-juice. These e-juices are available in a number of flavors according to your taste.

Tobacco and Legal Consequences

Tobacco and Legal Consequences

Tobacco, in recent times has been hailed as the most evil and harmful edible ingredient, widely consumed by people at large. Tobacco’s addictive quality has attracted a humongous commercial market. Nonetheless, consumption, distribution, sale and advertisements of tobacco and its products is controlled by the law of the land. This much needed regulation has to a great magnitude discouraged its use and safeguarded people from further harm and health hazards. Discovering the legal aspect on the use and misuse of tobacco has piqued the interest of a sea of people worldwide. Let us catch a glimpse of the laws pertaining tobacco and its products in India.

India has enacted certain relevant laws to provide protection to non-smokers from involuntary exposure to tobacco and smoke, these laws have also curtailed tobacco consumption on a large scale especially in public places.

One such legislation being;

An act was passed by 39th world health assembly. The significant provisions of the act prohibit tobacco smoking in public spaces such as hospitals, educational institutions, public transport, courts, restaurants, parks, theatres etc. Any person found violating or infringing the provisions shall face a hefty fine or even imprisonment. This law has proved to be a deterrent for many smokers due to the severity of the punishments.

Another provision prohibits advertisements of tobacco and its products such as cigarettes. No videos, leaflets, documents, banners or hoardings shall be publicized to attract more consumers. Furthermore, tobacco products cannot be recklessly sold to teenagers. It is a universal truth that children as young as 12 years have been introduced to smoking cigarettes. This deteriorates their health and they become prone to cancer at a very early age.

Another supremely significant provision of the afore mentioned Act is that tobacco products should be distributed or supplied in a package with an appropriate warning relating to its tar and nicotine content. It must also mention signs such as “SMOKING KILLS” or “TOBACCO CAUSES CANCER” to warn people of its ill effects.

This legislation also gives authority to a police inspector to search and cease tobacco and its products. The concerned authorities in India have been active enough to regulate and control excessive use of tobacco. They take stringent measures such as imposing exorbitant fines and formulating strict rules for factories manufacturing tobacco products. Anyone who’s manufacturing tobacco products if fails to reach its given norms will face punishment of imprisonment till 2 years or fine up to 5000/- Rs.

Kerala became the first state to ban smoking in public spaces, through a landmark judgement passed by the Kerala high court, declaring smoking as illegal for the first time in the history of the world. It stated promotion of smoking is unconstitutional and violative of Article 21 of the Indian Constitution which gives the inherent right to life to every person.

Use of tobacco also attracts penal provisions under the Indian penal code. The Air (Prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1981 was enacted to control and prevent air pollution in India therefore the Act prohibits smoking as it is one of the major causes of Air pollution.

To conclude, the above stated legislations along with the path breaking judgments passed by the Honourable Supreme Court and the High Courts of various states have tremendously aided to eradicate the use and misuse of tobacco to a great degree thereby safeguarding the rights of people as well as protecting the environment from irreparable harm.

Buying E-cigarettes Made Easy

Buying E-cigarettes Made Easy

The increasing popularity which this electronic device is facing is undeniable. So people who decide to shift from tobacco to this e-device, the options to choose from might seem intimidating for them. E- Cigarette are of three kinds that are; mini (cigalike), mid-size (Ego), Mods/APVs.

  1. First decide the type

They have quite a few varieties, from mini models that are similar to traditional cigarettes and larger models of APV which are used by experienced smokers.

  • Mini- These cigarettes are popular and are lightweight to carry, hence the likeability. These models can be a good decision for those who are starting off.
  • Mid-size- They happen to be like cigars and of course even last longer. Their vapour production too is more than mini models.
  • MODs – They are advanced e-cigs and are flashlight size, and produce the maximum vapour among others.
  1. Choose the starter kit for electronic cigarette
  • This kit includes all materials like batteries, vaporizers and also instructions for the usage. Its availability is for both, the experienced smokers and the beginners.
  • Decide if you require a kit for pre-filling or refillable. The disposable and pre-filled cartomizers can be thrown if ran out of nicotine. The refillable cartomizers on the other hand can be refilled.
  • Decide the cost you are ready to spend on the starter kit which is around 30$ to approx 100$
  1. Ask the retailer regarding the vapour performance

The performance depends on throat hit, battery life and vapour production. Considering all these 3 factors before purchasing e-cigs are important. So if you happen to be a light smoker, low production of vape will content you, however if you’ve been a heavy and rich smoker then you would need higher vape production.

Burning sensation that is felt in the throat of a person while pulling an e-cig or vape determines the quality of e-cigarette, which can either be weak or even strong counting on the vape model

The one’s who smoke heavy needs a long battery life for these reasons.

  1. Talk about the warranty

Certain starter kits and electronic cigarettes will come with warranty which is helpful if in case you find trouble with some equipments of the product. Shopping with the reputable retailer is also essential in order to get accurate warranty and product information.

  1. Quality of vapour brands

The industry of electronic cig is growing rapidly and is competitive, so researching on the products and brands is sensible. Look deeply into the brands and what they have to offer you.

  1. Check out the review websites of that particular brand

As there are ample amount of feedback on electronic devices, it’s better to familiarize yourself to them and know what’s popular and in.

  1. Compare the brands by initially trying disposable devices

As they are cheaper to buy, testing them is easier and hence you can compare it with time and choose the correct one for yourself.

  1. Check out the serial numbers while purchasing

Original electronic devices for vaping have serial numbers which are located at the battery’s connector and atomizer, while the fake devices do not have it. With the help of magnifying glass, try locating these numbers.


Vaping has come to an excellent method from its modest starts, and if you’re originating from our history of vaping short article, you’re most likely curious on how vaping gadgets have progressed considering that the development of the very first e-cigarette.

Considering that the creation of the very first commercially effective e-cigarettes in 2003, vaping gadgets have enhanced continuously to end up being more reliable and competent. There are various kinds of vaping devices; however, typically, the development in vaping devices are broken down into multiple generations.

With the vaping market predicted to turn into a 50 billion dollar market in 2025, vaping gadgets are quickly advancing to offer the excellent vaping experience.


When Hon Lik brought out the Ruyan e-cigarette, the gadget had a three-piece setup: taste battery, atomizer, and cartridge.

With the vaping market getting traction, Umer and Tariq Sheik created a more accessible gadget that just included two different pieces in 2006. It was the very first e-cigarette to utilize a resistance electrical wiring component covered around cotton.


The 2nd generation vaping gadgets are more significant than the Cig-A-Likes to increase efficiency power in 2 locations: battery and atomizer. These gadgets are typically called vape pens and are frequently utilized as a starter package for individuals who are brand-new to vaping.

A button to turn the battery on/off and utilized as a shooting system. Keep in mind, Cig-A-Likes do not have a button and are auto-fired when breathed in.

A chip controls the length of time you can strike the gadget to avoid getting too hot – generally will not fire after 10 seconds.

Another function that wasn’t present in the cig-a-like was the innovation of the clearomizer.


3rd generation gadgets are understood as Mods in the vaping neighborhood. Mods are brief for adjustment, and the term stems from when vapers utilize to customize flashlights into vaping devices. These gadgets are likewise called sophisticated individual vaping devices due to contemporary day innovation integrated into these gadgets.


Here are some special functions discovered in Managed Mods that are not found on previous generation gadgets:

Higher wattage indicates more battery capability and more power working on your device. It likewise permits longer battery life depending upon what voltage it is utilized at. 3rd generation gadgets have either an integrated battery or a detachable battery.

Variable Wattage and Voltage is a function where it permits you to manage the quantity of power the gadget utilizes depending upon the resistance of your coil. Higher wattage allows a hotter vape indicating it increase vapor production and e-liquid usage. This ingenious function offers users with a higher degree of control to discover the best vaping experience.

Temperature level setting is an ingenious function that lets vapers set a specified temperature level for a constant vape. What this does it permits users to manage the taste strength along with avoiding dry hits by immediately changing the power output to keep the coil at a constant temperature level. Temperature level control just utilizes nickel, titanium, and stainless-steel coils.

Sub-Ohm Tanks are utilized for high wattage gadgets. The tanks hold more e-liquid than previous generation gadgets, and the coils used in a device can differ from various resistance.

Airflow control is a function that enables vapers to change the throat hit. It can supply vapers with the capability to increase airflows which offers a direct to lung struck whereas a tighter airflow provides a much better mouth to lung hit.