November 2019

Differences Between Normal Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes

Differences Between Normal Cigarettes and E-Cigarettes

Are you interested in the study on the normal and e-cigarettes? If you need to study on the comparison of these two cigars, then this article will help you to understand on what puts them a side. In the past, normal cigars were used so much and they were made out of very simple technology. Tobacco is first dried and then folded in one of the paper that is purposely meant for that purpose. For it to be able to produce the desired smoke, it then ought to be burnt on the lower end so that it can start the burning of tobacco. Once the burning is initiated, it burns up the dry tobacco so that the smoke is produced. The smoke of burning tobacco has got some levels of nicotine. This is what is inhaled in the long run. On the other hand, dealing with e-cigarettes is a new experience. Its ignition is initiated by the battery that is fitted within the device. It doesn’t use the dry tobacco. What is fitted in the device is the liquid tobacco. It is then boiled at the highest temperatures so that it is vaporized. The following are the other essential parts of the e-cigarettes that are supposed to be taken into consideration;

  • heating mechanism
  • sensor
  • cartridges

Heating mechanism

This is the mechanism that makes sure that tobacco is transformed to the best level at which it can easily be absorbed into the body. This takes place through inhaling. What this means therefore is that it will have to be transformed or changed into the gaseous state for it to be perfectly inhaled. In the two types of cigars, you can expect the two distinct features to be clear. For instance, in the normal cigar, you will have to light up the cigar for it to be able to produce the smoke that is supposed to be inhaled. On the other hand, the electronic cigar is first lit electronically through the use of the battery that is fitted in the device. The battery should therefore be charged regularly to enable the device to serve for a long time without any interruption whatsoever.


The sensor is fitted on the mouthpiece. It is supposed to detect the moment you want to vape your electronic cigar. It then triggers the boiling process as to make sure that the e-liquid is boiled to the vapor state. The vapor is then supposed to be inhaled since nicotine is available in the vapor. It is important to note that e-liquids are just the extracts of tobacco.


These are the reservoirs that are supposed to store the e-liquids. The moment the e-liquids is exhausted it needs to be replaced regularly so as it can continue to be burnt or vaporized for it to produce the desired vapor. You can as well change the cartridge and get the new one that is filled with the e-juice. These e-juices are available in a number of flavors according to your taste.